Free membership for all new customers

August 28, 2017

The IGeLU Steering Committee has decided to offer all new customers of Ex Libris a first year’s membership free of charge. We expect and hope to enlarge our representation among the Ex Libris customer base.

Offering new membership for free the first year gives new customers the opportunity to engage with the community and experience the benefits that come with membership without having to invest immediately. It also offers IGeLU to relay to these new customers and show them the value and benefits of being part of the International community.

We are sure this will help customers to stay on as a member after the first free year. It will also give our Working Groups additional opportunities to recruit new active members.

The exact details of this offer have yet to be arranged with Ex Libris, but we will start to offer this free first year membership as soon as possible after this conference.

Theo Engelman
Chair, IGeLU Steering Committee

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