Presentation guidelines

The IGeLU Annual Conference aims to cover a broad range of topics relating to specific Ex Libris products, as well as broad, strategic topics of relevance to all attendees. Presentation proposals are reviewed and selected by each of the Product Working Groups, as well as the Special Interest Groups and the IGeLU Steering Committee.

Breakout sessions at the conference are generally organised by product strand, but there are also plenary and general sessions, and break-out sessions for the Special Interest Groups.


Format and content

Presentations can be in a number of different formats:

  • General: Discussion of a topic, issue, trend, or work in progress.
  • Case study: How and why we did it.
  • Interactive panel discussion (generally these are organised by the Programme Planning Committee, but we welcome suggestions for interesting panels)

Content is the responsibility of the presenter, but we would ask you to bear the following in mind:

  • Libraries will be running different versions of the same software, so please state the version numbers and names of applications in your presentation.
  • Please indicate when content may be time-sensitive, e.g., features in development.
  • Refrain from disclosing information that is confidential between a customer and Ex Libris, e.g. contract terms including pricing, contractual commitments, etc.
  • Criticism should be constructive.
  • Presentations will be made available after the conference on the IGeLU website – so we encourage you to design slides that are meaningful when viewed on their own.
  • We are proud that IGeLU is an international organization. English is our shared language and we respectfully ask native English speakers to speak clearly and a little more slowly than usual, and to avoid colloquial expressions.

Presenter Requirements

A presenter is expected to:

  • Confirm their attendance at the conference when they submit their proposal to the Programme Coordinator or nominee of the relevant Product or Special Interest Working Group.
  • Work with the Programme Coordinator to focus or modify a presentation when needed (e.g., if similar presentations are accepted, coordinators help to insure that content is complementary, and may ask speakers to co-present).
  • Respond in a timely way to all requests from Programme Coordinators for information relating to the presentation or poster.
  • Start and end the session on time (with the help of the session moderator).
  • If used, show only visuals that can be read in a large room.
  • Have screenshots ready as back-up in case a planned online demonstration fails.
  • Ensure that screen shots are up-to-date.
  • Leave sufficient time to answer questions from the audience (with the help of the session moderator).
  • Provide presentation and handout files (if used) for the IGeLU website immediately after the conference in pdf.
  • Prominently display the presenters’ names, affiliations, and contact information, version number and name of software discussed, and date of preparation on handouts and materials to be posted on the IGeLU website.


How to Submit Your Presentation Proposal

The online submission page is located here.

Criteria for Acceptance of Proposals

Your presentation proposal will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Clarity and focus of the proposal
  • Value to Ex Libris product users
  • Unique or special content; originality
  • Of interest to a reasonable number of people (more than 20 or so)
  • Speaker qualifications
  • Contributes to a well-rounded IGeLU conference programme

Presenters may be asked to modify their initial proposals to help them fit better into the overall programme of events. Product Working Group programme coordinators are the main points of contact for presenters who have questions.

If the Program Planning Committee receives a large number of proposals, this may result in some good proposals not being accepted due to the limited number of session slots available. Such presenters are encouraged to consider turning their presentation into a poster session, to investigate regional meetings or to submit again the following year.

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