Since we use the blog format or our current website, IGelU keeps its members up to date with News in Brief (NiB) posts, for which you can find the archived issues here:

IGeLU News-in-Brief (2018)

IGeLU News in Brief, March 2018

IGeLU News-in-Brief (2017)

IGeLU News in Brief, December 2017

IGeLU News in Brief, August 2017

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IGeLU News in Brief, August 2011

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IGeLU News in Brief February 2011

Before the blog format of our current website, IGeLU and its predecessor organisations kept its members up to date with regular newsletters, archived here:

IGeLU News-in-Brief (2010)

IGeLU News in Brief October 2010

IGeLU News in Brief, August 2010

IGeLU News in Brief, June 2010

IGeLU News in Brief, April 2010

IGeLU News in Brief, February 2010

IGeLU Newsletter (2006-2009)

IGeLU Newsletter 2009-3
In this issue: From Helsinki to Ghent + Paddling Like A Swan: Organizing the Helsinki Conference + Primo PWG Primed & Ready + A Note on RDA + What I Learned in Helsinki: The Voyage of Voyager + Metalib the Road to the Next Generation + The Verde Roadmap + New Steering Committee + Alpha Beate: Letters from Abroad + Feeding Twitter + A New Name for NERS + Words from Helsinki + On Sacred Cows + The Theory Behind Reporting & Data Warehousing + Putting the International into IGeLU + E-Book Focus Group Starts its Work + News Ticker + The IGeLU A-Z Song List + 10 Reasons to Love Ghent

Title Story: Meet you in Helsinki — Annual Conference Helsinki: Change in Libraries + I Dreamed a Dream + Next Question please + Elections + Cooperate on Cooperation + Twelve User Group Meetings — Focus URM: Hamburg in July + The Black Swan + Possibilities + Local Clouds — IGeLU Activities: New IGeLU Members + IGeLU in Australia and New Zealand + Collaboro, Collaroras, Collaborat … Collaboramus + The Slow Progress of ARC + Voyager Dispatch + What Functionality Do You Want? The MetaLib Survey + News from the SFX Product Working Group + DigiTool Friends Met in Porto + Making Progress on “Regional Resources” + Nameless NERS + Goodbye to All This and many more …

Title Story: We will always be searching — System Seminar Israel: Interviews + Three Times Tel Aviv + Nightworking + Ode for a hug + Not just as always: The users were the losers — IGeLU Activities: Collaborative Testing ALEPH + The New IGeLU/ELUNA Enhancement Request System + MetaLib Survey + One Mile High Meeting + On Its Way: Primo Product Working Group + From green to red + Voyager Enhancement Process + Changes to Pivotal + Voices from ELUNA 2009 — IGeLU 2009 Helsinki: Change is the Theme + This is Helsinki – Almost and many more …

Main topic: the 3d IGeLU Conference in Madrid — New Tasks, New Challenges — Conference Evaluation — Next Gen ILS — IGeLU People — Now Voyager — On ALEPH — On SFX — On MetaLib — On Primo — Special, secure, and beautiful — Verde Now and Ever — On DigiTool/DPS — Madrid Short Stories — Open Platform/EL Commons — New Steering Committee members and PWG Coordinators — Jerusalem 2008: Developers Meet Developers

Feedback Report from the Steering Committe —- Welcome to Madrid and the 3rd IGeLU Conference —- Programm Highlights —- After the ILS – What Next? —- Preservation Panel — Next Question Please — Remember the Proxy Vote —- From DigiTool to DPS —- A Short, but Possibly Tall Story —- The Central Knowledge Base —- Harder than you think —- Short is beautiful —- Techniques and Technology for Customizing Ex Libris Products — Farewell and Hello —- The Broadwalk: From EndUser to IGeLU — My first ELUNA —- Welcome to IGeLU! —- Hope to meet you at EL Commons —- Not this Time, but Next Time —-

Discovery Systems and e-books —- ALEPH: Preparing the Testing —- MetaLib: Peparing the Voting —- DigiTool: New People, New initiatives —- SFX: A Busy Year Ahead —- Verde: Short Notices from Brno —- Voyager: Coming soon – the Voyager Product Working Group —- MetaLib/SFX Consortia: Networks for People and Systems —- ALEPH Consortia: A Get-Together of Get-Together Specialists —- ARC: Lively Discussions of the How and Who —- Feedback Report from the Steering Committee: Working behind the Scenes and in Front —- IGeLU, ELUNA, Ex Libris: Joint Initiatives —- New People, New Faces, New Opportunities —- Hola: Welcome to Madrid —- Brno Short Stories

Welcome to the 2nd IGeLU Conference —— One year of IGeLU – experiences, worries, expectations —— Highlights: International Keynote Sessions; General Ex Libris Q&A Session: Special Meetings; Products, Programmes and Posters —— Product Working Groups – the best and the worst of IGeLU’s challenges —— Voyager Product Working Group —— Amendments to the Statute – IGeLU needs your vote! —— Why we need your vote —— What is the membershipfee for? —— And if nobody volunteers for the SC or the PWG’s? —— Call for candidates —— ANUG, S-NUG, V-NUG —— The Ex Libris Customer Community – Collaboration in Action —— Welcome to Brno – the country, the place, its people libraries —— The Penguin Discussion

Special issue on e-books: —— Did that happen yesterday or on the fourth floor? An editoral —— Ex Libris introduces E-Book Focus Group —— What do users expect from e-books? —— Not so great expectations: e-book licenses —— ebooks@cambridge —— E-books in MetaLib – Spanish Experiences —— E-Books in DigiTool – Portuguese Experiences —— Short News of OCLC and JISC —— IGeLU Business: Steering Committee Feedback —— Looking back at Potsdam and forward to Brno

In this issue: —— Souvenir of the 1st IGeLU Meeting —— Fun and Nighmares behind the Curtains —— The Future is Now – Some Theses —— This Week I’am at the First IGeLU Meeting – An Attendee Reports —— IGeLU in Numbers – Sweden —— For Questions for Pat Busby —— Products and their groups: Aleph Reloaded —— DigiTool Revisited —— SFX/MetaLib Combined —— Verde not left over —— (IGeLU) Progress Report —— E-Book Focus Group —— Distributed Testing —— Congratulations to the New Chair and the New Steering Committee —— 4 Big “Thank Yous” to our Past Chair Guido Badalamenti

In this issue: —— Welcome to the 1st IGeLU Conference! —— International Keynoters Sessions at the IGeLU Conference —— Great Poster Sessions in the Foyer —— Excellent ANUG – what does this mean for ALEPH users? —— Lucky S-NUG – what does this mean for SFX/MetaLib users? —— A Unique Experience – IGeLU —— Conference Agenda —— Call for Candidates —— User Ex Libris Developement Cooperation —— Welcome to the Filmhuset in Stockholm! —— Six Restaurant Tips from the Organising Group

In this issue: —— Welcome to IGeLU! —— The long way to a new organization —— How to become a member and why —— Let‘s work together… IGeLU on product development —— Where have all the ICAUers gone? —— IGeLU from a SMUG’ers perspevtive —— Building a Verde Users Group —— Call for volunteers for PWG —— Stockholm Conference —— Welcome to my Stockholm —— Call for papers and posters —— Reports from the Interim IGeLU Steering Committe —— IGeLU meets Ex Libris in Stockholm —— IGeLU working with Ex Libris —— A message of congratulations from Ex Libris

SMUG4EU Newsletters (2005-2007)

SMUG4EU Issue 4, February 2007

SMUG4EU Issue 3, June 2006

SMUG4EU Issue 2, November 2005

SMUG4EU Special London Issue,_September 2005

SMUG4EU Issue 1, May 2005

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