Alma Working Group Update

The Alma Working Group has yet another busy year. Please see the list of upcoming enhancements below.

NERS Enhancements

5790   Provide an option to view URL in CZ portfolios 
6348   Split role user manager in 2: the user manager and the patron manager      
6201   Link resolver delivers physical holdings for wrong titles for PCI records        
6430   Enhancing security and management of API keys      
5054   Portfolios in an electronic collection/package should inherit data displays from the collection’s service      
5631   User profile – Add field for last active date  
5340   Option to not show related holdings locations  
5632   Automate Borrowing Request Processes              
4057   Administration: Expand Repository Advanced Search Options
5299   Add Pop-Up Notice at Scan in Items      

These enhancements totaled 175 points. We can “spend” 200 points, but the next enhancement was 100 points, which would have put us over the top. Some users, as well as Ex Libris staff, asked why we couldn’t jump to the next enhancement that fit. Well, we did just that this year adding:

5685    Add ability to customize Purchase Request online form

Additionally, Ex Libris vetted the 25 top voted enhancements and discovered three requests that they felt were already supported in Alma. They issued Supported Functionality in NERS top 25 Enhancement Request List on the Alma list. Ex Libris has offered to look at enhancement requests a bit earlier in the process next cycle. 

There was a lively discussion at ELUNA about numbers of enhancements and voting. It is likely that the Alma Group will archive old enhancements. If institutions are still interested in forwarding old enhancements to the next voting cycle they will be able to do so. This was discussed further at the IGeLU business meeting.

Alma Sub-Groups

Alma Working Group (WG) members worked together with staff from their own institutions and other Alma institutions on various sub-groups. For more information on the following groups, please join us at the WG business meeting at IGeLU or through the Alma list post-IGeLU.

  • UX Focus Group
  • Alma Authority Working Group
  • Ask the expert
  • Premium SB Refresh – Keep Config
  • Known Issues
  • Alma Consortia Working Group
  • Alma Performance Focus Group
  • DARA Focus Group (Smart Recommendations)
  • Community Management Focus Group

Ex Libris is working with additional groups in other Alma areas, primarily analytics. The Alma WG is also considering the establishment of other groups around functional areas in Alma, (e.g., fulfillment, acquisitions, licensing)