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The archive of presentations at the 10th IGeLU conference hosted by the The Library and Information Centre (MTAK) of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, together with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the University Library of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) and the Library of the Parliament Budapest, Hungary 2 – 4 September 2015.

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Budapest Programme 2015


2 Research data in library context – Dr. Jan Brase, Head of Research and Development, Göttingen State and University Library Jan Brase
15 International Competitiveness in R&D and Innovation – Ádám Török, Full Member, Secretary General, Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Professor of Economics, University of Pannonia, Veszprém and Budapest University of Technology and Economics Ádám Török

General & cross-product

5.61 Integrations, APIs, and the introduction of the Library Data Layer – Ben Dalwood, Software Developer, University of South Australia
5.62 A Day for Developers: Experiments in Interoperability and Linked Open Data – Corey Harper, Metadata Services Librarian, New York University; Linked Open Data SIWG Coordinator – Masud  Khokhar, Head of Digital Innovation, Lancaster University Library; Interoperability SIWG Coordinator 5.62 Masud Khokhar 5.62 Corey Harper
10.5 The ProQuest and Ex Libris Partnership: Increasing Customer ROI for Subscriptions and Discovery – Cristina Blanca-Sancho, Senior Product Manager – Research Tools, Services and Platforms, ProQuest
10.6 Bias for Action: Updates and Q&A with YBP Library Services – Ann-Marie Breaux, Vice President, Academic Service Integration, YBP – David Paredes, Director, Collection Development and Workflow Solutions, Europe, YBP  Breaux & Paredes
11.51 One system to rule them all – an epic journey to manage our collections – Lynne Billington, Manager, Data Quality Systems and Standards, State Library of New South Wales – Euwe Ermita, Systems and Application Leader, State Library of New South Wales Euwe Ermita and Lynne Billington
11.52 20 Years of Ex Libris products in Romania – Doina Ostafe, Sales & Support Manager, Ex-Lh Doina Ostafe
11.6 Building a Province-Wide Private Research Cloud for Ontario’s Academic Libraries – Pascal Calarco, Associate University Librarian, Research & Digital Discovery Services, University of Waterloo Pascal Calarco
14.61 Digital asset management and discovery and delivery services in the library of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music – Dr Geza Kocsis, Director, Library of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music Kocsis Geza
14.62 The Mannheim University Library App – concept and further development – Alexander Wagner, Systems administrator, University of Mannheim – Christian Hänger, Head of Digital Library Services, University of Mannheim, Primo/ML PWG Coordinator Alexander Wagner

Azriel Morag Award winner presentation

Presentation by the winner of the Azriel Morag Award for Innovation


11.41 Subject To Change – automatic catalog enrichment with subject headings and codes – Marcus Zerbst, Systems Librarian, Zentralbibliothek Zürich Marcus Zerbst
11.42 Identity Management with x-services in Aleph – Gerard Bennett, Systems Librarian, University of Westminster Gerard Bennet


5.11 Alma one year after STP: Organizational change of ERM – Gijs Noels, Business consultant, KU Leuven/LIBIS 5.11 Gijs Noels
5.12 Alma one year after STP: implementing batch services – Bart Peeters, Head of operations, KU Leuven/LIBIS 5.12 Bart Peeters
10.11 Migrating to Alma: Data and Functionality Testing – Doina Ostafe, Head of Library Systems and Technology, University of Wisconsin-River Falls Doina Ostafe
10.12 Migration from Millennium to Alma. Issues and challenges. A case study from La Trobe University Library. – Simon Huggard, Deputy Director, Research and Collections, La Trobe University Simon Huggard
11.11 First Alma ASRS Live @ Macquarie University – Laszlo Gercsov, Senior Systems Analyst, Macquarie University – Fiona Burton, Associate University Librarian, Resources, Macquarie University Laszlo Gercsov
11.12 Alma 2 years on – assessing the impact of Alma at The University of Manchester – Ciaran Talbot, Library Systems Manager, The University of Manchester Ciaran Talbot
13 Alma panel: view from the early adopters

  • Betsy Friesen, Director, Data Management & Access Dept. at Universtiy Libraries, University of Minnesota
  • Helen Loosli, Applications Support & Services, UNILINC, Australia Helen Loosli
  • Andy Bussey, Head of Digital Services & Systems, University of Sheffield Library, UK
  • Andrew Brown, Collections Services and Systems Librarian, Swansea University, UK

14.11 No More Fines: how Alma is allowing us to increase our customer focussed approach to lending services – Lynn Sykes, Head of Customer Services, University of Sheffield – Andy Bussey, Head of Digital Services and Systems, University of Sheffield Lynn Skykes
14.12 From Aleph to Alma : fulfillment : feel it fully – Muriel van Ruymbeke, Architecture + Arts and Letters Library Director, University of Liege Library – Paul Thirion, University of Liege Library – Rémy Lhoest, University of Liege Library Paul Thirion
14.21 APIs and technical services – Richard McCart, Manager, Eresources/Serials, RMIT University Richard McCart
14.22 – Rachel Birri Blezon, Deputy Head of Alexandria Library Network, Systems Librarian, Library Am Guisanplatz Rachel Birri Blezon


5.2 UX at Imperial: a case study of qualitative approaches to Primo usability studies – Karine Larose, Systems Librarian, Imperial College London – Andrew Preater, Head of Library Information Systems, Imperial College London Karine Larose
5.31 Library Maps : Extending Primo functionality through lightboxes – Edward Craft, Digital Library Systems Specialist, University of Birmingham Edward Craft
5.32 KOBV Regional Portal – Integration of Primo Central Index – Stefan Lohrum, IT Manager, Zuse Institute / KOBV
10.21 Challenges of Discovery Tools – Shelly Shen-Aridor, Reference Librarian, University of Haifa Library Shelly Shen-Aridor
10.22 Real-time analytics/metrics dashboard in Primo – Mehmet Celik, Senior Business Consultant, KULeuven/LIBIS Mehmet Celik
11.21 Discovering User Behavior in your Discovery System: Custom Google Analytics Event Tracking – Lauren Ajamie, Electronic Resources Librarian, University of Notre Dame Lauren Ajamie
11.22 How is our Discovery System Perceived by Users? – Rachel Collier-Wilson, Resource Discovery Manager, University of Sheffield – Fran Abbs, Metadata Manager, University of Sheffield Rachel Collier-Wilson
11.3 Deep Searching, Interoperability, and more Digital Collections – Michael North, Lead, Systems Analyst, Northwestern University Michael North
14.31 Why BASIS tokenization is not working for Chinese records? What can we do? – Alan Ng, Systems Librarian, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library Alan Ng
14.4 Next Steps for Increasing PCI Coverage – How Libraries Can Help – Laura Morse, Director, Library Systems, Harvard University – Amira Aaron, Associate Dean, Scholarly Resources, Northeastern University – Michal (Michelle) Gindi, Director of Publisher Relations, Ex Libris Laura Morse, Michal Gindi, Amira Aaron


5.41 Archiving and Presenting Journals with Rosetta – Matthias Gross, Head of Bavarian Virtual Library, Bavarian State Library Matthias Gross
5.42 Tools for Digital Humanities: Implementation of the Mirador high-resolution viewer on Rosetta – Roxanne Wyns, Business Consultant, KU Leuven/LIBIS – Stephan Pauls, Software architect Roxanne Wyns and Stephan Pauls 


14.51 Local SFX e-books targets: send better metadata to Primo! – Michelangelo Viana, Systems Coordinator Librarian, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande Michelangelo Viana
do Sul
14.52 Revamping SFX – several ways to vitalize a middle aged beauty – Rob Feenstra, Project Manager, Leiden University Library Rob Feenstra

IGeLU and conference business

1 Opening Session Welcome from:

4 IGeLU Update and Assembly of Members Chair’s Report

13surprise Jirka Kende Goodbye Tribute Sound&Slideshow    Proclamation    Photo Album    Jirka Kende song

Ex Libris presentations and product updates

Ex Libris presentations will be made available for customers in the Ex Libris Documentation Center.
1 Ex Libris Corporate Update – Matti Shem Tov, President and CEO, Ex Libris
3 Ex Libris Strategy and Operations Update

  • Ofer Mosseri, Corporate VP, General Manager Europe, Ex Libris
  • Oren Beit-Arie, Chief Strategy Officer, Ex Libris
  • Yair Amsterdam, Chief Operations Officer, Ex Libris
  • Hugh Griffiths, VP Mobile Campus Solutions, Ex Libris

5.7 Alma Resource Sharing – End to End review – Moshe Shechter, Alma Product Manager, Ex Libris
6.3 SFX Product Update, Roadmap – Christine Stohn, Product Manager, Ex Libris
6.4 Voyager Product Update, Roadmap – Mike Dicus, Voyager Product Manager, Ex Libris
6.5 Rosetta Product Update, Roadmap and – Adi Alter, Digital Resources Product Manager, Ex Libris
6.6 Unlocking Your Library with the Alma Developer Network – Josh Weisman, Development Director, Resource Management, Ex Libris
7 Alma Product Update, Roadmap – Bar Veinstein, VP Resource Management Solutions, Ex Libris – Dvir Hoffman, VP Product Management and Marketing, Ex Libris
8.1 Aleph Product Update, Roadmap – Carmit Marcus, Director of Product Management and Partnerships, Ex Libris
8.4 Discovery beyond searching – Christine Stohn, Product Manager, Ex Libris
8.5 Alma Analytics: Tips and Tricks – Yoel Kortick, Senior Librarian, Ex Libris
8.6 Customer Communication in Ex Libris Operations – Martin Büscher, Director of Support, Ex Libris
10.3 Choice and Diversity in Acquisition Models – Idan Hadari, Product Manager, Ex Libris
10.4 Leganto overview – Yana Sivan, Leganto Developer, Ex Libris
11.7 Alma Community Zone: Collaboration and Automation – Yoel Kortick, Senior Librarian, Ex Libris

  • Primo and Primo Central Product Update, Roadmap – Shlomi Kringel, VP Discovery and Delivery Solutions, Ex Libris – Yuval Kiselstein, Director of Product Management, Discovery and Delivery Solutions, Ex Libris
  • Leganto Update – Reading Lists at the Heart of Cross-System Workflows – Shlomi Kringel, VP Discovery and Delivery Solutions, Ex Libris

14.7 Managing Digital Resources in Alma – Asaf Kline, Director, Alma Product Manager, Ex Libris

Developer’s Day

  • Consuming JSON-LD : Experiments with Primo’s latest Linked Data – Corey Harper
  • Combine_and_stir (Aleph data + RDF + Python + other things) – Laura Akerman
  • jQuery.PRIMO : the missing API – Mehmet Celik
  • End to End Testing of the Primo GUI – Matthias Einbrodt
  • Utilizing Alma API’s the Alma Bibs API to create new workflows for indexers / subject librarians (like myself) – Dan Michael O. Heggo
  • The Primo New UI Development Approach and Concepts – Ohad Shaked
  • Powered by Ionic – A Primo Demo App – Mausd Khokhar
  • Alma API’s using Java, Maven, JAXB and Jersey – Nishen Naidoo
  • Enriching Primo records with WordPress – Karsten Kryger Hansen