Archive of presentations

The archive of presentations and posters at the 6th IGeLU Conference in Haifa, 11th – 13th September 2011.

Some of the PWG and SIWG Business meeting and Ex Libris Product Update reports are available in the members-only section.



Haifa Programme


The new frontier: IGeLU 2011 Keynote – Marshall Breeding, Vanderbilt University Library, US

The book business: changing business models of publishing [link] – Professor Sheizaf Rafaeli, University of Haifa, Israel

General & cross-product

E-media workflows with SFX and Verde – or how to catch the user –  Andreas Sabisch, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

High availability cloud computing goes public – Habib Tabatabai, University of Central Oklahoma, US

One object – three systems: Doing digitisation-on-demand with Aleph, DigiTool and Primo – Dirk Willinghöfer, Austrian National Library, Austria

Playing nicely together – EAS, Primo, Aleph – Shelley Neville,  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church History Library, US

Primo and SFX: tips and tricks – Andreas Sabisch, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Putting more ‘M’ in MANGO – M(ore) services in Florida’s discovery service – Michele Newberry, Florida Centre for Library Automation, US

Shibboleth SSO: Charles University case study – Jiri Pavlik, CESNET, Czech Republic

Linked data

Linked data and Ex Libris tools – chaired by Lukas Koster, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

  1. Linked data and Ex Libris products – introduction – Lukas Koster, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  2. Publishing Aleph data as linked open data – Silke Schomburg, HBZ, Germany
  3. Linked open dedup vectors – An experiment with RDFa in Primo – Corey HarperNew York University, USA
  4. Exploiting DBPedia for use in Primo – Ulrike Krabo, OBVSG, Austria
  5. Linking library and theatre data – Lukas Koster,University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  6. Linked data and Ex Libris products – summary – Lukas Koster, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  7. Ex Libris – linked data outlook – Axel Kaschte, Ex Libris


Aleph-based dealer-payment system – Yosef Branse, University of Haifa, Israel

Custom sorting of items in Aleph – David V. Benge, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church History Library, US

How to synchronise two Aleph servers via rsync – Bernd Luchner, University Library Basel, Switzerland

Put it away with a barcode – barcode locations in Aleph – Billy Rawles,  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church History Library, US

Report it all, or, any question, all the answers – Billy Rawles,  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church History Library, US

Spatial search in maps collection – David Tal, Tel Aviv University, Israel


Scholarly usage based reccomendations: evaluating consortium – Dana Thomas, Amy Greenburg, Ontario Council of University Libraries, Canada; Pascal Calarco, University of Waterloo, Canada


How to teach cataloguing through MARC21 and Primo – Dr. Shahaf Hagafny, University of Haifa, Israel

Large, medium, small – how much information do you users need in Primo? – Dr. Christian Hänger, Mannheim University, Germany

Limo at K. U. Leuven – better statistics for Primo – Veerle Kerstens, Mehmet Celik, LIBIS/K.U.Leuven, Belgium 

Presentation of research data in Primo – Dr. Christian Hänger, Mannheim University, Germany

Rethinking discovery – potential, pain points and pragmatism – Brian Flaherty, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Staff vs public data views in Primo – how we have used Primo to protect our confidential data, and share our public data – Beck Locey, Theresa Judkins, Shelley Neville, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church History Library, US

Testing the new library portal | Primo (FU Berlin) – a combined approach of expert and user evaluation for assessing its usability – Andreas Sabisch, Heike Lennard, Melanie Surkau, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Using Primo to discover e-research repositories – Stefania Riccardi, Susan Lafferty, Tom Ruthven, Sue Harmer, University of New South Wales, Australia


Rosetta and data curation in the context of research: first insights – Andreas Kirstein, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Rosetta in an academic library – Edward M. Corrado, Binghampton University Libraries, US


A simple solution for displaying license terms with SFX and Mondo License Grinder – Dana Thomas, Ontario Council of University Libraries, Canada

Beyond SFX collection analysis: building a serials collection overlap tool with SFX – Dana Thomas, Ontario Council of University Libraries, Canada

Innovative use of SFX and legacy data to develop a library quick search tool & its mobile extension – Fengzhi Fan, Yingting Zhang, Kerry O’Rourke, UMDNJ-RWJ Library of the Health Sciences, US

Updating proxy server with dealer domains – Yosef Branse, University of Haifa, Israel


Acquisitions goes institutional – Peter Price, Plymouth University, UK

Making sense out of Voyager reporting using Access – ten tips to help you be successful – Janet Lute, Princeton University, US 

Using On-Shelf holds to facilitate branch-to-branch lending – John Greer, University of Montana, US

Poster presentations

Clio – a one horse race? – Peter Price, Plymouth University, UK

Crossing the divide: has Verde helped to build bridges between libraries and suppliers? – Emma Brewer, Nicola Tricker, Elena Menendez-Alonso, Plymouth University, UK

Training needs in the 21st Century: a wall or a doorway? – Elena Menendez-Alonso, Fiona Grieg, Vicki Maguire, Plymouth University, UK

IGeLU and conference business

Chair’s report on IGeLU activities – Jirka Kende, IGeLU Chair

Haifa welcome – Jirka Kende, IGeLU Chair

Ex Libris presentations and product updates

For all Ex Libris updates and presentations from IGeLU 2011 please go to the Ex Libris Documentation Center.

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