Updates from LOD SIWG

August 28, 2017

Linked Open Data, along with Interoperability, Analytics, and Content (formerly KBAB) Special Interest Working Groups are planning a combined blockbuster “business meeting” at IGeLU 2017.  This will include roadmap updates for Linked Open Data Development (Asaf Kline) and Interoperability/APIs (Josh Weisman).  We will be providing more information about your linked data needs and activities based on the survey conducted in April, at IGELU

Linked Open Data sponsored a Webex update session with Josh Weisman on July 18th (https://igelu.webex.com/igelu-en/ldr.php?RCID=1fffffa5708180a212b7de1f1213d26c ) and a Show and Tell with Adrian Pohl of hbz on their “lobid” linked data based joint discovery systems (https://youtu.be/nwapscatwnU ).  Check them out if you missed them!

Laura Akerman
Coordinator, LOD SIWG

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