MetaLib CKB results

October 25, 2010

The first MetaLib CKB voting using the IGeLU and ELUNA NERS system was held between Monday 30th August and Monday 4th October. All IGeLU and ELUNA members were eligible to vote, and during the process 18 different member institutions from 9 different regions entered 59 different resource requests.

The results of the voting were:

  1. SciFinder Scholar
  2. Springer ebook collection in computer science 2005-2008
  3. Westlaw International
  4. Update all CSA databases to web configuration

The Regional resources were:

  1. (Canadian region)
  2. Patrimonio Bibliográfico Español  (Spanish region)

The next MetaLib CKB snapshot of votes for resources will be taken on Friday 19 November.  The countries that are in line for their regional resources to be voted on are in order:  USA, Sweden and then Germany. Don’t forget to use your vote!

Ex Libris has provided us with a report on their configuration process and now the IGeLU & ELUNA MetaLib PWGs are planning procedures to encourage reluctant publishers to support federated searching. We will keep you informed.

Meg Bate, MetaLib PWG

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