Steering Committee visits Ex Libris Headquarters

June 10, 2011

In February 2010 the Steering Committee visited Haifa, as part of our planning for the summer conference, to view the venue and meet with the enthusiastic local organizing committee.

Jerusalem. Photo by MarcinMonko

While we were in Israel we took the opportunity to visit the Ex Libris headquarters in Jerusalem to meet with the management team, and various other members of the Ex Libris staff. The main topics of our discussions were: Alma status and pricing; Primo Central and the Ex Libris cloud environment update; the need to strengthen Primo support, and to increase the amount of input from the user enhancement process in Primo development; the future of MetaLib; the implementation and improvement of the CKB enhancement process; preparation for the System seminar and the IGeLU conference; and of course general support and documentation issues.

The discussions were as always very open and constructive.

Jirka Kende, Chair of IGeLU


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