Joint IGeLU/ELUNA Linked Open Data SIWG

June 4, 2013

The IGeLU Linked Open Data SIWG is expanding to become a joint IGeLU-ELUNA Linked Open Data Special Interest Working Group (LOD SIWG).

At the ELUNA 2013 annual conference May 1, a session on Linked Data and ELUNA organized by Laura Akerman and Daniel Lovins included presentations about the IGeLU LOD SIWG by Corey Harper, and about linked data activity from IGeLU group members from the British Library (Mandy Stewart) and National Library of Israel (Dror Berger).  The idea of forming a joint group to incorporate input, ideas and use cases from ELUNA members was presented to and approved by the group present.

The IGELU SIWG welcomes the opportunity to work with people and ideas from the North American group, and are working with organizers of the ELUNA session to draft organizing principles and roles for the joint group, and solicit additional members of both user groups to join our joint mailing list (subscription requests can be made at, which will be our primary means of communicating with those interested in this global, cross-product technology focus.

Lukas Koster, LOD SIWG Coordinator


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