IGeLU Steering Committee open positions

August 31, 2014

Who is who and for how long?

According with the IGeLU Statute we have to renew the IGeLU Steering Committee during the next IGeLU meeting in Oxford and we have vacant positions this year, since 3 members are at the end of their office;

  • Naomi Greidinger – University of Haifa, Israel – [2012-2014]
  • Theo Engelman – Utrecht University, Netherlands – [2012–2014]
  • Fiona Burton- Macquarie University, Australia – [2008-2010; 2010-2012; 2012–2014]

The other Steering Committee members who will remain in charge for one more year are;

  • The Chair: Jiri Kende – Free University of Berlin, Germany – [2006-2009; 2009-2012; 2012-2015]
  • Peter Klien – Austrian Library Network & Services Ltd, Austria – [2011–2013; 2013-2015]
  • Mark Dehmlow – University of Notre Dame, USA – [2012–2013; 2013-2015]

Theo Engelman and Naomi Greidinger have announced they will candidate themselves for another term, whereas Fiona Burton has served for three consecutive periods and cannot run again this year.

The voting procedure will take place at the 9th IGeLU Annual Meeting in Oxford, during the Assembly of Members (Monday, September 15th, Session 6: 16.50-17.30).

Would you like to candidate?

If you wish to present your candidacy or you would like to propose a candidate from an IGeLU member Institution, please feel free to contact me, preferably before or at the Annual Meeting.
Candidates will be asked to present themselves during the Assembly with the help of few slides.

Guido Badalamenti guido.badalamenti@asb.unisi.it

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