Primo / Metalib Product Working Group news

August 23, 2015

Software enhancements

We are currently running an ongoing software enhancement process jointly with the ELUNA Primo PWG and the voting will start during the IGeLU Conference in Budapest.

Primo Central Index (PCI) CKB voting

A round of PCI voting was conducted at the beginning of this year. This vote was a great success and more than 130 resources were added to NERS as a result.
Ex Libris agreed to review the top 10 resources of the list. Due to the great interest a second ballot will be conducted in November/December 2015.

Other business

PWG was heavily engaged in the discussion about Ex Libris’ new SaaS strategy which was under the lead of SC.
You can read more on this topic in this News in Brief issue here.
Together with the ELUNA PWG we began participating in the beta-testing of the new Primo User Interface.


The PWG had one face-to-face meeting in Mannheim and discussed the implications of the new Primo SaaS strategy for the configuration and the development process for Primo.


Andy MacKinnon was elected as deputy coordinator and Bronwyn King left the group. We have to thank her for her great work. PWG has two open positions at the moment and the voting will take place at IGeLU Conference in Budapest.

Christian Haenger, IGeLU Primo/MetaLib PWG Coordinator

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