Updates from Analytics SIWG

December 1, 2016

John Krug will be leaving Lancaster University in the next few months and has stepped down as the Analytics SIWG chair. Margaret Briand Wolfe from Boston College has stepped into the chair role and Joan Kolarik from the Weizmann Institute of Science has taken over the co-chair role.

The group has just finished up going through the Alma and Primo archives gathering evidence of issues in Analytics. The evidence has been documented in a Google sheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aRS8TV9ugfX49yn-SoY4dck8xLb1YH5YSdv7inE-L5c/edit#gid=0). Next steps are to look in the IGeLU and ELUNA archives for evidence there. Once the evidence has been gathered the group will vet the evidence and then determine what to bring forward to Ex Libris for discussion.

Please follow the workings of the Analytics SIWG by signing up for our listserv: https://lists.fu-berlin.de/listinfo/public-igelu-analytics-siwg

Margaret Briand Wolfe

Coordinator, Analytics SIWG

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