Updates from KBAB SIWG

December 1, 2016


Ex Libris is working on the unification of Primo Central and Summon data. A part of the work consists in a new classification for resource types in the new index. There are currently 95 Summon resource types and 24 resource types for Primo Central Index. KBAB and other libraries have been discussing this with Ex Libris in order to come to a list that would fit a majority, be useful for customers and meaningful for end-users.

The Ex Libris Publisher Relations team works closely with content providers to ensure a smooth data delivery process. KB improvement relies, among others, on a good relationship with vendors, publishers and data providers. In some cases, especially with regional resources, it may be helpful if the community supports Ex Libris to initiate or reinforce the relationship with such content providers. Upon Ex Libris’s request, KBAB has been in contact with several vendors in order to improve the quality and the quantity of the provided data (metadata, linking parameters and years of access) in the KBs.

Finally, Ex Libris Data Services Team is continuously adding new resources to the KnowledgeBase. “KB Items” section of Salesforce contains customer’s requests for new resources to be added into the KB. KBAB and Ex Libris are working together on the future on the KB Items functionality and try to make it more visible, helpful and open.

Other KB related topics have been undertaken and are under discussion with Ex Libris. If you want to submit a KB issue or suggestion to KBAB, please write to kbab@lists.fu-berlin.de or contact the coordinators François Renaville (francois.renaville@ulg.ac.be, IGeLU) and Kathy Varjabedian (kv@lanl.gov, ELUNA).

François Renaville & Kathy Varjabedian

Coordinators, KBAB


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