Updates from the Analytics SIWG

April 15, 2017

The Analytics SIWG has a new member in the group representing Leganto – Becky Smith from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

The group completed its evidence vetting on schedule by the end of February. We were unable to meet in February due to Margaret being on vacation and Joan going live with Alma and Primo on the day of our regularly scheduled meeting. We will meet again on March 21 and determine our next steps for compiling the evidence into a document. This document will be distributed to both the ELUNA and IGeLU steering committees and PWGs for approval and then plans will be made to present it to Ex Libris.

The group has submitted four proposals for presentations at ELUNA: a double session on intro to Alma Analytics and Advanced Alma Analytics, Introduction to Primo Analytics and a Developer’s Day lightening talk and then ELUNA full session on using PERL to call the Analytics API.

Margaret Briand Wolfe
Coordinator (Analytics SIWG)

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