Track Descriptions – Digital Conference 2020

Each IGeLU 2020 session is associated to a single Track.

Conference theme: Breaking out of your shelf

Libraries are increasingly breaking out of silos and working across departmental and institutional boundaries to deliver innovative organisation-wide services – management, learning, research and mobile solutions are now our new book shelves.


How are you using Analytics and Data visualization to discover new insights, tell a story, or improve workflows at your institution? Do you have innovative strategies for using Analytics that you’d like to share with the IGeLU community? Sessions in the Analytics track cover the analytics features in any of Ex Libris’ products, such as Alma, Primo, Primo VE, Summon, or Leganto.


The Content track welcomes anything related to the management and use of the content in Alma, SFX, Intota/360Link, Primo and Summon, such as collection choice, activation, coverage, maintenance, provider collaboration, and impacts of metadata on discovery and delivery.


Sessions with the purpose of providing a practical overview or showcasing specific features of any Ex Libris product or other products in conjunction with Ex Libris products.

Digital Initiatives

Sessions in this track are related to digital projects and programs including digitization workflows, digital preservation, born-digital records, access to digital collections, and digital asset management. Applicable Ex Libris products include Alma-D and Rosetta.

Discovery / User Experience

Sessions that address the broad topic of discovery and might include: customization and configurations of the user interface; efficiency and accuracy of searching mechanisms; behavior, usability, UX, and accessibility studies; and implications related to fairness and access. These sessions will cover products Primo, Primo VE, Summon, or any combination thereof (e.g. Primo vs. Summon; Primo VE differences from Primo with BO, etc.). Discovery solutions that go beyond the Ex Libris landscape are also welcome here.

Migration / Implementation

Sessions in the Migration/Implementation track tell the stories of the challenges and lessons learned from implementing any Ex Libris product at your institution. 

Practical Applications

Sessions in the Practical Applications track showcase how Ex Libris products can be used to implement or improve workflows at your institution (incl. interoperability). Topics can range from broad introductions to specific scenarios and situations.

Roadmap / Update

Sessions with the purpose of providing a roadmap overview of any Ex Libris product or other products in conjunction with Ex Libris products. This track is reserved for Ex Libris.


The Strategy Track is for general topics relating to any creative, innovative, change management, or forward-thinking strategy you employ at your institution. Strategy sessions may also address broad issues in the profession.

Meetings (SC, WG, NUG, Focus Group…)

The Meetings Track is dedicated to the Steering Committee, Working Group, National or Regional User Group, Focus Group… conference meetings. In order to avoid agenda clashes, make sure that any delegate who should attend your meeting is added as a Co-Presenter.

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