Enhancements framework

The framework for enhancements was laid out in the Product Development Collaboration Agreement, which was originally jointly written by IGeLU, ELUNA, and Ex Libris in May 2008.
This sets out the rights and responsibilities of the company and the user groups with regards to product development.

2014 Update

In 2014 the Agreement has been updated and amended. The new Product Development Collaboration Agreement now ensures a defined development investment for ALL products (except DigiTool, Rosetta, Ustat, and Verde) by Ex Libris to fulfill the community prioritized enhancements, ensuring the input and leverage of the customer community on the development and enhancement of Ex Libris products.

With this agreement the community can decide which concrete new functions are developed and Ex Libris opens a fixed part of the company development capacity to fulfill these expressed needs of the community, thus improving the usability and functionality for our daily work.

The new agreement supersedes the prior Product Development Collaboration Agreement between Ex Libris, IGeLU, and ELUNA from 2008, the Agreement on procedure for additions of resources to the Ex Libris Knowledge Bases between Ex Libris, IGeLU, and ELUNA from 2011, and the prior IGeLU Aleph process.

You can read the document here:

2016 Addendum on Summon

In 2016 the Agreement has been amended to add Summon and the Summon index to it. The merger between ProQuest and Ex Libris has added Summon as Unified Discovery&Delivery service to the Ex Libris product portfolio. Summon offers similar functionality and services like Primo and will be developed and maintained by Ex Libris. Therefore, we agreed with Ex Libris to commit the exact same amount of development resources for Summon as for Primo, i.e. 150 points per annum.

You can read the Addendum here: Summon_Addendum_Product_Development_Collaboration_Agreement-20160705

2018 Addendum on Leganto

In 2018 the Agreement has been amended to add Leganto to it. The Leganto WG has successfully collaborated with Ex Libris to enhance the product in close cooperation with the development partners of the young product and the early adopters. Now the customer base has reached more than 50 implementation worldwide and therefore, we agreed with Ex Libris to commit the a minimum amount of development resources for Leganto 40 points per annum, starting in 2018 with 30 points.

You can read the Addendum here: Leganto_Addendum_Product_Development_Collaboration_Agreement-20180503

Superseded Agreements:

Product Development Collaboration Agreement 2008

CKB Enhancement Agreement 2011

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