Invitation to all former ProQuest Workflow Solutions customers to join IGeLU

A free membership for 2016

The IGeLU Steering Committee decided to grant all former ProQuest Workflow Solutions  (PQWS) customers a complimentary membership for 2016. The reason was to allow them as a group to get to know the community they suddenly became part of.

The existence of a well-organized and influential User Group as IGeLU is new to them, at ProQuest there was no such equivalent.


Marketing email to the group

In January IGeLU has, together with ELUNA send a welcome and invitation email to all former PQWS customers. To better communicate the decision of the complimentary membership and to facilitate registration our Siena secretariat designed and developed an online registration form to provide the former PQWS customers with an easy straightforward registration option.


Ex Libris as the ‘post office’

IGeLU does not have the address details of these customers and Ex Libris is not willing to share them with us, so we had to ask Ex Libris to send an announcement and invitation email to all former PQWS customers on behalf of IGeLU.

Unfortunately, due to administrative errors, the email has by accident also been sent to some Ex Libris customers that are not former PQWS customers. We do apologize for the confusion this has caused for customer that received our email by mistake.


The results so far

The email was sent on July 25th and immediately we received feedback. So far 6 former PQWS customers have already successfully applied for registration and they now benefit of the advantages that come with IGeLU membership.

Here you can find the design and text of the invitation, including the link to the online registration form on our website. If your institution is a former PQWS customer, using either 360 Link, Intota, SIPX or Summon and your institution currently does not use any other Ex Libris products you are invited to use this opportunity.

Theo Engelman

Chair – IGELU Steering Committee