Leganto Customer Profile: Glasgow Caledonian University

Kimberly Bryce, Resource Librarian (Acquisitions and Collections)
Contact: Kimberly.Bryce@gcu.ac.uk

Q: What is the status of your implementation?
Glasgow Caledonian University Library launched the service university-wide at start of the 2019/20 academic year in September 2019.

Q: What is the major benefit you hope to see as a result of your institution’s use of Leganto?
We are hoping that Leganto will help us to provide students with seamless access to the resources that they require, and that it will give academic staff the ability to create their own resource lists and to add a varied of “non-traditional” material types to these. We are also hoping that it will increase engagement between faculties and the library in facilitating the sharing of resource lists and in turn help us shape the library’s collections to better align with the current programmes on offer.

Q: What do you see as the major challenge you’ll encounter in getting your community of users to use Leganto and how to you plan to overcome these challenges?
Our biggest challenge will be making the academic schools aware of the service and encouraging academic staff to make their resource lists available through the library. We envisage some initial push-back as learning a new system does take time and may be off-putting to some faculty however; we will ensure to stress the long-term advantages of using Leganto for both staff and students.

Q: How will you measure success?
Our key goal is to increase the number of resource lists we received year on year. In addition, we will be using the analytics to hopefully demonstrate that Leganto has enabled academic staff to create more varied resource lists containing “non-traditional” materials. We will use the analytics to illustrate the engagement with resource list service from staff and students as well individual item usage data. We also hope to conduct qualitative UX testing to determine if Leganto has improved user experience.

Q: How can the user group best be of help to you?
By hearing about the experiences of other institutions who have also implemented the service, for example case studies. 

Q: How do you see Leganto contributing to the positioning of your library within your University?
We hope that it will more directly align our collections with the current programmes on offer as well as integrate our resources more seamlessly with other student systems such as the VLE (we use Blackboard). We hope in doing this that it will make the resources and services offered by the library more visible to both staff and students.