Linked Open Data (LOD) Group

The Linked Open Data Group Needs Your Linked Data Stories!

If you have ideas for how linked data could enhance your internal workflows or end-user discovery in your Ex Libris products, please consider submitting them using the Linked Data User Story Collection form. A user story is a concise way to describe a need, who it is for, and what it will result in, and is used to define what is, and is not, in scope for a particular chunk of work. The collected user stories will be shared with the appropriate IGeLU and ELUNA Product Working Groups (e.g., Alma, Summon, Primo, etc.) on a monthly basis and work with those groups to support appropriate communication with Ex Libris. 

Submitting a Linked Data Use Case/User Story does not commit you or your institution to action. However, either a member of the LODWG or Ex Libris may contact you for fuller detail about your proposal. The Working Group may use your stories to inform our planning for future web Town Hall discussions or presentations.

We look forward to receiving your linked data user stories! 

Questions or comments? Please contact David Bucknum of the Linked Open Data Working Group at  

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