Meetings with Ex Libris management and the ETH team

The IGeLU Steering Committee meets in person once a year between conferences, and so in March the Committee met in Switzerland, to discuss outstanding issues and to meet with the local organisers of the Zurich conference.

The IGeLU Steering Committee in Zurich - picture by Peter Klien

The meeting was generously hosted by our colleagues from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) in the main ETH buildings where the conference will take place. The local team, led by Christine Bärtsch, are very advanced in the planning for the meeting, and we are confident that the organisation of the conference will be second to none. We are very much looking forward to seeing you all at this lively campus, and in this beautiful city, in September.

Matti Shem-Tov and Marc Daubach of Ex Libris also travelled to Zurich to meet with the Steering Committee, and we had a very productive discussion on a broad range of issues, including Alma development and implementation; product roadmaps and plans (in particular for Primo, Primo Central, and MetaLib); support and documentation issues; and many more. As usual the discussions were very open, and resulted in a number of “to dos” for both sides.

Jirka Kende, IGeLU Chair