Primo Central Index and 360 link outages

Ex Libris customers experienced a service interruption for Primo Central Index at February 2nd, 2018 which lasted 10 hours. A root case analysis has been published (

Without any connection to this incident, Ex Libris customers experienced another service interruption for 360 Link on February 4 which lasted 8 hours. A root cause analysis has been published (

IGeLU & ELUNA PWGs and SCs asked Ex Libris for solutions to prevent similar outages for this services for the future. Ex Libris explained in calls with IGeLU & ELUNA officers the reasons for the outage in detail and offered structural solutions which will be published soon.  Ex Libris sees the System Status page ( as the best option for up-to-date service status information. IGeLU & ELUNA stress the need for a more granular information at the system status page. We suggest that Ex Libris also offers – or if already exist documents – System Status page APIs which allow customers a form of integration in their own local alerting systems.

Dr. Christian Hänger
IGeLU Steering Committee