Primo Updates – Did you know…?

Word Update on Typewriter Page

  • Primo Analytics was recently improved to record the accurate date of user actions, instead of the previous or next day for non-UTC timezones. The IGeLU Primo WG raised this as an issue in July 2021, and it was fixed across our global community in April 2022
  • Primo was enhanced in April 2022 (VE) and May 2022 (BO) Releases to show all links for CDI records, rather than hiding valuable access points by hardcoded original design. This was a popular enhancement, coming No.3 in the 2021 enhancements process (#7311), but didn’t incur any Primo development points as already on the Ex Libris Roadmap with our strong community feedback. See our log of all the enhancements we’ve achieved for Primo together: Primo enhancements
  • Primo is being upgraded to AngularJS 1.8 in November 2022.  Will you be ready?  Check out the Ex Libris “What’s New with Primo – April 2022” webinar for details (see from 36mins), including a URL parameter and Transformer Tool available from the May 2022 release for testing.  Here’s the URL parameter in a handy bookmarklet for you!
    • javascript:document.location=document.location+’&testAngularCompatibility=true’
  • The IGeLU Primo Working Group publishes minutes on a monthly basis in the newly designed IGeLU website. Check them out to learn more about the work we do for our community: Primo Working Group Minutes