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The International Group of Ex Libris Users (IGeLU) maintains a strong collaborative relationship with our sister organisation Ex Libris Users of North America (ELUNA).

For Working Groups and Community of Practice groups, there may be a joint IGeLU/ELUNA group or there may be two separate groups: one for IGeLU and one for ELUNA. For example

  • Joint groups such as the Alma Working Group and the Content Working Groups, led by Co-Coordinators from IGeLU and ELUNA.
  • separate groups are the Primo Working Group/s and the Leganto Working Group/s, each led by a Coordinator from IGeLU and ELUNA.

Examples of reasons for joint or separate groups are:

  • the timing of the group being initiated originally, such as a group forming first within one organisation and then the other organisation deciding later to create their own group
  • the nature and purpose of the group, such as specific legislative frameworks for copyright which differs between North America and the rest of the world
  • time zone issues play a big impact in the meeting logistics and may result in the formation of separate groups
  • the size of the community being represented may mean it is only possible to have enough members to form a single working group

Regardless of whether it is a joint or split group; IGeLU and ELUNA 

  • maintain and run a single enhancement process
  • maintain a combined meeting approach when dealing with Ex Libris
  • work to ensure that our communities are represented in dealings with Ex Libris
  • work collaboratively to advance the goals of the community