The Consortia Community of Practice is a venue for library consortia using Ex Libris products/services for sharing experiences and raising issues in regard to functionality or support that is missing or needs to be improved in the aforesaid products in order to satisfy common consortia needs.

Needs of academic and non-academic libraries, large and small, self-administered or benefiting from a Network Zone and/or a centralized coordination team, are addressed.

The Consortia CoP is also a platform for members to exchange information on recent development or happenings on their premises such that members can learn from one another.

Last but not least Consortia CoP is a space to identify important system/service/support needs for consortia and advocate for those by representing consortia to Ex Libris management via relevant Product Working Groups.


Asbjorn Risan (SIKT)IGeLU Liaison
Audun Skorstad (SIKT)WG Member
Bettina Kann  (OBVSG)WG representative Alma
Christel Kayser (BNL)WG Member
Christiane Plaume (HBZ)WG Member
Gijs Noels (LIBISNET)ACFG coordinator
Jeanette Isele (SLSP)WG Member
Jenny McNally (WHELF)WG representative Primo
Jiri Pavlik (NTK)WG Member
Joana Roig (CSUC)WG Member
Josep Sanmarti (CSUC)WG Member
Stine Bovbjerg Schultz (RDL)WG Member
Sveinbjorg Sveinsdóttir (Consortium of Icelandic Libraries)WG Member
Sylvain Courret (Renouvaud)Group coordinator