Esploro Product Working Group


IGeLU Esploro Working Group has been created to represent members of the IGeLU Community who use the Ex Libris Esploro product. The IGeLU Esploro Working Group works in partnership with their ELUNA counterpart. Contact the chair at

What We Do

Enhancement Process: Esploro does not currently have enhancement points. If you have suggestions for new or improved features, please

Community Outreach: The ELUNA and IGeLU Working Groups are collaborating to host “Community Conversations“. Most of the conversation meetings have been recorded.

Surveying the Community: The ELUNA Esploro Working Group recently ran its second annual survey of the Esploro community.

Community Knowledge. If you have community knowledge that you’d like to share, but need a platform, this LibAnswers FAQ group is available.


Joan Kolarik, Drexel University, USACoordinator
Susana Cardoso, International Labour Organization, Switzerland
Keely Chapman, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
Christopher Hart, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia
Margaret Pembroke, Southern Cross University, AustraliaDeputy Coordinator
Montserrat Rodriguez-Marquez, University of Surrey, UK