2014/2015 Aleph Enhancements

2014/2015 Timeline for IGeLU Aleph Enhancements

From 2015 on we expect one Aleph version to be released per year, no more major/minor subdivision. The voting schedule as well as the guaranteed amount of development is counted in calendar years in any case.

The results from this 2014 voting will be available in version 23, to be released in 2015:

  • Oct. 4, 2014: NERS database is closed to new enhancement requests
  • Oct. 5 – Oct. 19: PWGs clarify and validate requests (15 days)
  • Oct. 20 – Nov. 2: First voting period (14 days)
  • Nov. 3 – Nov. 23: Ex Libris assigns development points to enhancements (21 days)
  • Nov. 24 – Dez. 5: PWGs work with Ex Libris to clarify requests and pointing (12 days)
  • Dez. 12 – Jan. 3, 2015: Final voting cycle (14 days)
  • Jan. 4, 2015 – Jan. 4, 2015: PWGs select final enhancements to submit to Ex Libris (1 days)
  • Jan. 5, 2015 – Jan. 6, 2015: Select ELUNA enhancements from the most voted enhancements in IGeLU voting process. IGeLU merge this list with ELUNA and discuss other enhancements to promote. (2 days)
  • Jan. 7, 2015: PWGs submit final enhancements to ExLibris (1 day)

(schedule updated on 12.12.2014 to reflect short delay)

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