for Linked Open Data in Ex Libris products

The IGeLU/ELUNA LOD SIWG collects use case and scenarios for Linked open Data in Ex Libris Products to be discussed with Ex Libris.

From 2013 to 2015 these scenarios were discussed in several open online meetings per year, with Ex Libris, members of the LOD SIWG and all interested Ex libris customers.

These online scenario presentations have since been replaced by “Show and Tell Hangouts”, a collaboration between the Analytics, Interoperability, and Linked Open Data SIWGs. For details on how to participate in the online meetings, see the announcements on the appropriate SIWG mailing lists.

The submitted scenarios, the meeting notes and most of the slides used are publicly available. For the Show and Tell sessions, recordings are available as well.

If you want to submit your own scenario or want to participate in the discussion, please do so on the IGELU-ELUNA-LOD mailing list or contact a Working Body member. For detailed scenarios you may wish to use the use case template as a starting point. 

We’ve recently introduced a more “lightweight” way to contribute use cases and “user stories” for specific functions that utilize linked data, within or dependent on data from Ex Libris products.  See IGELU-ELUNA Linked Data User stories/Use cases – description and template


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