Knowledge Base Advisory Board



The KBAB engages in activities, on behalf of the Alma, SFX, Primo and PCI user communities, that support the development and management of the Knowledge Base that underlies the aforementioned products.


Through collaboration with Ex Libris, KBAB acts to ensure that data stored in the knowledge base is of the highest quality by reviewing the KB’s quality assurance policies and processes; and to make suggestions for improvements that ensure customers’ permanent influence on the quality of the KB.


KBAB activities comprise anything related to the management and development of the Alma and SFX knowledge base, as data or software issues, including collaboration with other IGeLU/ELUNA groups where interests coincide. Issues previously discussed within the former SFX KBAB can be taken under consideration. Specific consideration will also be given to the integration within ProQuest and how separate ProQuest and Ex Libris knowledge bases will merge, evolve into next generation KBs and develop in the future.

Working Body

The Working Body consists of IGeLU and ELUNA members as well as liaison members from IGeLU and ELUNA.

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