Starting January 1 2018 the former independent Rosetta User Group has joined IGeLU and ELUNA to form a joint Product Working Group.

The Rosetta Working Group has a history of working closely together with Ex Libris as an independent User Group representing customers and aiming for enhancement and development of Rosetta to fulfill the needs and wishes of all kinds of institutions that use the product.

Rosetta, being a digital preservation system, is not tied to libraries like most other Ex Libris products and services. Many Rosetta customers reside in the archives world, which comes with quite different objectives and workflows. Therefore the Rosetta Working Group is special in representing a more heterogeneous customer base compared to other Working Groups.

This also justifies the existence of a separate User event called the Rosetta Product Working Group meeting where members of the Working Group and other customers forming the Rosetta Advisory Group exchange user experiences and stories in a conference like setting combined with Ex Libris presentations and talks between vendor and users.

The Rosetta Working Group will also participate into the IGeLU and ELUNA conferences to provide an attractive Rosetta sessions track both for Ex Libris customers who are interested in the product and for Rosetta customers who attend to these conferences while having contracted several other Ex Libris products.

The Rosetta Product Working Group is lead by Kirsty Smith from the Preservation Research & Consultancy team at National Library of New Zealand.

The IGeLU Steering Committee liaison officer is Tracey Clarke from the University of Sheffield in the UK.


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