RapidILL Product Working Group


The International Group of Ex Libris Users (IGeLU) RapidILL Working Group facilitates collaboration and communication between the RapidILL user community and Ex Libris. The group’s primary objectives include:

  • Representing the interests and advocating on behalf of RapidILL users around the world.
  • Coordinating the process for submitting and prioritising enhancement requests.
  • Maintaining regular communication with Ex Libris through meetings and discussions.
  • Participating in Working Group activities to document user feedback and insights.
  • Organising Working Group activities to support and educate the RapidILL community.
  • Monitoring the RapidILL mailing list, Ex Libris Ideas Exchange, and product Roadmap.
  • Contributing to the planning and organisation of the annual IGeLU conference

We work closely with the Ex Libris Users of North America (ELUNA) RapidILL Working Group to build on the strong foundation they have established and help ensure a global perspective for the community of users we serve.

The IGeLU RapidILL Working Group serves as a vital link between the user community and Ex Libris, ensuring that user needs and perspectives are effectively communicated and addressed in the product’s ongoing development and improvement.

Contact the Coordinator at DarlingKip@gmail.com


  • Kip A. Darling, Birmingham City University, England, UK: Working Group Coordinator; ELUNA and Product Manager Liaison
  • Jane King, University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia: Enhancements Coordinator; Rapido Product Working Group Liaison
  • Karen O’Donoghue, La Trobe University, Vic, Australia: Conference Planning
  • Dr. Lynne Porat, University of Haifa, Israel: Website Publisher; Idea Exchange Reviewer
  • Bronwen Blatchford, Cardiff University & WHELF, Wales, UK: Systems Expert; Minute Taker
  • Michael Moore, University of Birmingham, England, UK: Roadmap Reviewer
  • Sara Sladwick, University of Auckland, New Zealand: Training Coordinator; RapidILL Discussion List Reviewer
  • Alex Forrest, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK: IGeLU Steering Committee Liaison Officer
  • Lori Hilterbrand, Orbis Cascade Alliance, United States: ELUNA Steering Committee Liaison Officer (optional attendee)
  • Dave Allen, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia: IGeLU Chair (optional attendee)
  • Mike Richins, Fort Collins, Colorado, United States: RapidILL Product Manager, Ex Libris (optional attendee)