Content Working Group


The Content Working Group (CWG) engages in activities, on behalf of the Alma, SFX, 360, CDI and Summon user communities, that support the development and management of the knowledge bases and indexes that underlie the aforementioned products. Contact the CWG at

Through collaboration with Ex Libris, CWG acts to ensure that data stored in the knowledge bases and indexes are of the highest quality by reviewing the KB’s and indexes’ quality assurance policies and processes and making suggestions for improvements to better meet the evolving content needs of the global user community.

CWG activities comprise anything related to the management and development of the Alma, SFX and 360 knowledge bases and CDI, such as data or software issues, including collaboration with other IGeLU/ELUNA groups where interests coincide. Specific consideration will also be given to the integration with Clarivate and ProQuest and how separate Clarivate, ProQuest and Ex Libris data products will integrate andevolve into next generation indexes.
The group was formerly known as the Knowledge Base Advisory Board (KBAB), the group was renamed Content Working Group in 2017. The name change reflected the scope of the content areas the group works with – the link resolver Central Knowledge Bases and the discovery indexes. It also aligns with Ex Libris’s move to consolidate Content operations.

The Working Group consists of IGeLU and ELUNA members as well as liaison members from relevant IGeLU and ELUNA Working Groups and the Steering Committees.
More details about the group’s scope and activities are available in the Charter document.


The Content listserv hosted by IGeLU / ELUNA and is managed by the Content WG. The listserv supports communication and discussion of content related issues in Ex Libris products (360/SFX/Alma knowledge bases and Central Discovery Index).
We believe this list being useful to library staff working with electronic resources, acquisitions, collection development, metadata, and related areas. We want to create a space with a manageable volume of relevant content discussion and communication that is not overwhelmed by the activity on other product listservs. It could also facilitate a more holistic understanding of content issues and patterns across various products.

We welcome you to sign up here:

Subscription approval is by institution domain email for individuals employed at sites licensing Ex Libris products and Ex Libris staff and affiliates by email domain.

Some examples of topics that could be discussed (but certainly not limited to these!) include:

  • Determining individual library vs. systemic issues
  • Linking troubleshooting and workarounds
  • Content updates from Ex Libris
  • New provider/content requests from the community
    • Promote new Ideas Exchange requests to raise awareness and get votes
    • Clarification on what is being requested
    • Prioritization of requests
  • CDI issues
  • Providing feedback to Ex Libris content product management
  • Updates from the Content Working Group
  • Content support issues


Karin Perols ( Karolinska Institutet, Sweden)Coordinator for IGeLU, CDI Advisory Group
Charlie Remy (Dartmouth College, USA)Coordinator for ELUNA, CDI Advisory Group
Noémie Ammann (ETH, Switzerland)IGeLU Primo WG Liaison
Molly K. Beisler (University of Nevada, Reno, USA)NERS Co-coordinator
Xiaotian Chen (Bradley University, USA)Alma WG Liaison
Cody Hackett (Kansas State University, USA)
Christopher Thomas (University of California at Los Angeles, USA)Alma Law Library SIG Liaison
Deborah Tomaras (Marist College, USA)ELUNA Primo WG Liaison
Beth Juhl (University of Arkansas, USA)
Galen Jones (The Open University, UK)Alma CZMG Liaison
Linas Salelionis (Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania)SFX Liaison
Lammy Benedictus (Arctic University of Norway)
Jennifer Carroll (University of New Hampshire, USA)Rialto Liaison
Anna Couthures-Idrizi (Sciences Po Bibliothèque, France)
Selina Wang (Oberlin College, USA)
Angela Sidman (Yale University Library, USA)ELUNA Summon/360 WG Liaison
Maria Kovero (Helsinki University Library, Finland)
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