IGeLU 2020 Digital Conference Report

The IGeLU Steering Committee has produced a report on the IGeLU 2020 Digital Conference. The report provides details on what worked and what did not work when running the Digital Conference. A copy of the IGeLU 2020 Digital conference report is available here
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IGeLU 2020 Digital Conference & Developers’ Day: presentations available

Thanks to all who contributed to a very successful and informative Conference and Developers’ Day. We are happy to announce that the community presentations are now available to all via the IGeLU website:https://igelu.org/archive-of-presentations/2020-digital-conference/2020-archive-of-presentations The content will remain freely available up to and including 8...
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IGeLU Steering Committee condemns racism and all other types of discrimination

The IGeLU Steering Committee (SC) condemns all forms of racism and all other types of discrimination in all of its forms as fundamentally contrary both to human rights and to the values of our profession. IGeLU SC would like to reiterate its April 2019...
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Primo 2021 enhancements timeline

It is time for our members to get all your requests in for the 2021 Primo enhancements round. See Primo enhancements for a log of all the great Primo product development outcomes achieved in recent years, as a result of this collaborative enhancement process...
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Primo WG Updates

It’s been a busy time for the Primo WG – check out all the latest updates on membership changes, NERS for 2020 and 2019, and our advocacy efforts for the community at https://igelu.org/primo-wg-update-december-2020
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News-in-Brief, December 2020 edition

Dear Reader, I bring you the last edition of the News-in Brief newsletter for the year of 2020. As 2020 winds down, we can’t help but wonder how 2021 will be for us. We’ve had an unusual year, full of highs and lows, and...
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Proposed Ammendments to IGeLU Statute

The IGeLU Steering Committee is proposing to the Assembly of Members the approval of some amendments to the IGeLU Statute. Information is located here. All IGeLU members up-to-date with the payment of the annual fee will have the rights to participate to the Assembly...
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