How to Renew Your Membership

Items covered in this web page include

  1. IGeLU member details self service
  2. Can you send me a copy of the ‘Debit Note’?
  3. Forgot password?
  4. I have not received my forgot password email!
  5. What is on the Member’s detail page
  6. Paying your annual membership fee
  7. What is the Dashboard option
  8. What is the Institution list option

IGeLU member details self service

To see information on all IGeLU members and change detailed information of your own institution, go to the membership list and click on the ‘Member’s Access’ in the right upper corner or go directly to the login page at

Making payment by wire / bank transfer

Please ensure that you enter the following information from the ‘debit note’ when making a wire / bank transfer

  • Customer ID Code (this is also your IGeLU membership and NERS institutional code)
  • Debit Note Code – usually in the format of INV-9999-CCYY

Entering this information helps us with reconsilling payment to your memebership record

Can you send me a copy of the ‘Debit Note’?

Debit Notes are system generated using information from the the membership portal. This means that we would have to connect to the membership portal using your membership ID and password. For obvouis reasons we cannot do this so you will have to access te membership portal to gain access to download the ‘Debit Note’. To do this refer to ‘paying your annual membership fee’ section below.

Forgot password?

In case don’t have your password, please use the Forgot Password Option

  1. You will be asked to enter your IGeLU membership Institutional Code .
  2. A notification email will be send to your official member contact email address listed in our database.
  3. Please check your local and institutional ‘spam’ folders if you do not receive the password reset email within 4 hours
  4. In case you don’t know your IGeLU membership Institutional Code or can’t contact the official member contact in your institution anymore, contact the IGeLU secretariat via


I have not received my forgot password email!

If you have not received your ‘forgot password’ email please

  1. check your local SPAM folder
  2. check your local JUNK folder
  3. Check with your institutional IT team to make sure that the email is not in the instructional SPAM system
  4. Check with your institition IT tem to make sure that email from email domain – is not being blocked

If after all of this and you cannot find teh email please contact the IGeLU Secretariat

What is on the Member’s detail page

Here’s an example of the members detail information you can see and edit yourself!

While at this screen please update the ‘My prudct(s)’ information. This information is essential for NERS enhancemnet processing.

In case of any internal organizational or employee changes, you can change this yourself in ‘My Profile inform’ our secretariat by sending an email to

Paying your annual membership fee

Logged in users can choose to pay their yearly organizational membership fee by:

  1. Credit Card. If you choose this option, you will be redirected to a safe credit card payment broker.
  2. Download a PDF invoice to pay by bank transfer.

NOTE: Invoice details will be in EUROs as this cannot be changed as the Invoices are system generated. In addition IGeLU is based in Italy and can onl;y take payments in EUROs.

To view and select the credit card or PDF option, click on the magnifying glass icon to the right of the current, pending invoice. 

A window opens and the selection buttons are at the bottom of that window.

Before downloading the PDF or making Credit Card payment please

  • Add in a Purchase Order if you have one
  • Check the details on the screen

In case you need any additional information or changes on the PDF invoice, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to

What is the Dashboard option

The shows graphics on statistic data of the total membership.

What is the Institution list option

shows the details on all members. You can sort the list by clicking in the column headers of Country or Institution

Membership Due Date Extension

There are many reasons whay you may need to extend the membership payment due date. These may include

  1. re-alignmnet with the Institutional finanacial year
  2. issues with payment processing

Under these circumstances please contact so that we can discuss the circumstances of your request

We will then notify you as soon as possible when membership due date has been extended. This is usually actioned with 24 hours.

Please note that the revised membership due date cannot be reflected onto the ‘Debit Note’ as the ‘Debit Notes’ are system generated and cannot be easily updated without affecting all ‘DebitNotes’

Credit Card Payment

IGeLU suses a credit card payment gateway hosted by NEXI ( IGeLU does not store credit card details.

Credit card payment is prefferd method of payment.