Alma Product Working Group


The Alma Product Working Group is responsible for coordinating enhancement requests, organising the Alma related sessions at the annual conference; liaising with counterparts in ELUNA; and acting as the contact point for Alma-specific concerns. They hold regular meetings with the corresponding the Alma Product Managers. Contact the chair at

For information about advisory or focus groups related to Alma, please see the side menu or the Focus & Advisory Groups listing. These pages are under construction.


Gijs Noels (LIBIS KU Leuven)Co-Chair / Coordinator
Catherine Grove (Northwestern University)Co-Chair / Coordinator
Mary Grenci (University of Oregon)Enhancements Coordinator
Bettina Kann (OBVSG, Austria)Functional Group Chair: Resource Management
Leon Krauthausen (FU Berlin)Functional Group Chair: Acquisitions (incl Licensing)
Joe Ferguson (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)Functional Group Chair: Fulfillment & Resource Sharing
Catherine Grove (Northwestern University) / Gijs Noels (LIBIS KU Leuven)WG representative: Alma UX
Bettina Kann (OBVSG, Austria)WG representative: Consortia
vacantWG representative: DARA smart recommendations
Leon Krauthausen (FU Berlin)WG representative: Analytics
Daniel Naas (University of Kentucky)WG representative: ELUNA Primo
Emma Clift (University of Technology Sydney)WG representative: IGeLU Primo
Joe Montibello (Dartmouth College)WG representative: Leganto
Catherine Grove (Northwestern University)WG representative: Linked Data CoP
Nick Pavlovic (Liberty University Virginia)WG representative: Summon
Joe Ferguson (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)WG representative: Rialto
Gijs Noels (LIBIS KU Leuven) / Stacie Traill (University of Minnesota)WG representative: CDI Advisory Group
Margaret Corby (Kansas State University)WG representative: Alma Authority FG
Xiaotian Chen (Bradley University)WG representative: Content
Brandon Dudley (California State University)WG representative: ELUNA Alma Consortia FG