Primo Product Working Group


The IGeLU Primo Working Group was formed in 2009. This was in recognition of the need for representation for the growing international Primo user community, for Primo as a product launched in 2007.

The objective of the IGeLU Primo Working Group is collaboration with Ex Libris for Primo product development, including consultation on new and existing features and services, and advocacy on behalf of the Primo community. A core activity within this is conducting the annual Primo enhancements voting process, in close collaboration with the separate ELUNA Primo Working Group. Other activities include assisting with planning for the annual IGeLU Conference, participation in Focus Groups, management of the Primo community listserv, and regular meetings with Ex Libris Product Management.

The Primo community listserv is owned by the IGeLU and ELUNA organisations and is managed collaboratively by the IGeLU Primo WG and the ELUNA Primo WG. The listserv supports communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing between members of the Ex Libris Primo users community. Subscription approval is by institution domain email for recognisable named individuals (for example firstname.lastname@library) currently employed at sites licensing Ex Libris products, in addition to Ex Libris staff and affiliates by email domain. Internal distribution lists and institution managed group email accounts (including where recipients and posters may be anonymous) will not be approved. Periodic review may result in removal. Posts are only permitted by subscribers and posts should not be distributed beyond eligible subscribers. Subscribe: and Post:

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Stacey van Groll (University of Queensland, Australia)Coordinator, Conference Planning, Enhancements Team, Primo BO to VE Feature Alignment Project – Lead
Noémie Ammann (ETH Library, Switzerland)Liaison to Content WG, Primo BO to VE Feature Alignment Project
Gaith Bader (University of New South Wales, Australia)Enhancements Team
Paul Harding (University of York, UK)Liaison to Analytics CoP, Next Discovery Experience UX Focus Group
Mark Kluzek (University College London, UK)Deputy Coordinator
Ulrich Leodolter (Austrian Library Network and Service Ltd., Austria)Developer Community Liaison, Primo BO to VE Feature Alignment Project
Manuela Schwendener (Universität Basel, Switzerland)Enhancements Team, Next Discovery Experience UX Focus Group
Andrea Zech (Free University of Berlin, Germany)Enhancements Team, Primo BO to VE Feature Alignment Project
Nir Zinger (University of Haifa, Israel)Enhancements Coordinator, Next Discovery Experience UX Focus Group, Primo BO to VE Feature Alignment Project

Liaisons from other groups

Asbjørn Risan (UNIT)IGeLU Steering Committee Liaison
Emma Clift (Macquarie University)Liaison from the Alma WG
Ebe Kartus (National Library of New Zealand)Liaison from the Linked Open Data CoP

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