2021 Presentation Guidelines

Thank you for agreeing to present at IGeLU 2021. We are planning another fabulous event with your help. 

Please find below details which you will need leading up to and during the Conference.

Leading up to the conference we will do the following:

  • Send you an invitation to Zoom sessions. Please note that we are assigning zoom ‘Rooms’ this year instead of the usual individual Zoom invitations for each session. 
  • Please add your session timings to your diary if necessary
  • We will assign a moderator for your session.
  • Moderators this year will handle the full day’s timetable for each Zoom Room so will be responsible for starting and ending each Room’s sessions.
  • Your moderator should get in touch with you to check you have everything you need.
  • If you have your PowerPoint or video ready prior to the conference please send a copy and we will upload to a shared drive. This will make it easier to manage on the day, and test if necessary.
  • We include details of training and help pages below which you might find useful.
  • If you would like a tech familiarisation session with us, please mail conference@igelu.org and we will schedule one a week before the conference.
  • Be sure you are registered for the conference.

During the conference:

  • If you have any difficulties on the day of your session please get in touch with your moderator and/or the conference@igelu.org mailbox.
  • Please be ready 5 minutes before your session.
  • Please finish on time – this is extremely important so we can manage sessions following without any delay.
  • There should be time for questions.

After the conference:

  • You zoom recording will be made available via theIGeLU website. It will be open to all members of IGeLU to view.

Below are some links that might be of good use while you are planning your presentation.

Presentation Guidelines: https://igelu.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/IGeLU2021-presentation-guidelines.pdf.pdf

Best Practices for Hosting a Zoom event: https://blog.zoom.us/best-practices-for-hosting-a-digital-event/

How to Host the Best Meeting Experience in Zoom: https://blog.zoom.us/how-to-create-a-top-tier-all-hands-experience-with-zoom/