Members details

IGeLU member main contact details

To see detailed information on all IGeLU members including your own institution, go to the membership list and use the login option in the right upper corner.

Forgot password?

In case you lost your password, please use the “Forgot password” option.

The link to the “Forgot password” option can be blocked by you institutional firewall because it uses a specific https port: 5001
If you encounter problems connecting to the “Forgot password” option, please use one of the following solutions

  1. Try to access this option from outside your institution, for instance at home, where you will not have a firewall blocking your access
  2. Contact the IT-department of your institution and ask them to add an exception rule for to pass through.

Succesfully set your password

Once you have modified your password, DO NOT log in at the page looking like this   you will end up in functionality not yet implemented. The only function of this page is to use the  functionality.

In stead go back to the membership list, insert your username (Institutional code) and new password and access your Institutional page.

Clicking on an institution name in the list (you can sort on each column by clicking on its header) shows detailed information about the membership like:

  • Institution ID (only visible for you, not for other IGeLU members)
  • Institution name
  • Contact Name
  • Address
  • Post Code
  • City
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Products (only visible for you, not for other IGeLU members)

In case of any internal organizational or employee changes, please inform our secretariat by sending an email to secretariat {at} igelu(.)org.

Paying your yearly membership fee

To pay the yearly membership fee, go to your member main contact details in the membership list.

Logged in users can choose to pay their yearly organizational membership fee by:

  1. Credit Card. If you choose this option, you will be redirected to a safe credit card payment broker.
  2. Download a PDF invoice to pay by bank transfer. You can add the purchase order number to the membership fee invoice and then download the invoice to have it processed by you own institutional financial department.

In case you need any additional information or changes on the PDF invoice, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to secretariat {at} igelu(.)org.

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