2020 – NUG (National and Regional User Group) Meeting


The meeting agenda will remain open as we depend upon your input to determine what will be discussed. The INUG meeting is a perfect chance for all National and Regional User Groups of Ex Libris to share their problems, concerns, and questions that are urgent and need attention and action. Each year the discussion with Ex Libris executives is very lively and interesting and we can claim lots of successes originating from these meetings. In addition the IGeLU SC will update the NUG community of current inititives.

Submitted NUG Reports

ACEF 2020 Report (France)

ANZREG 2020 Report (Australia and New Zealand)

ELUGswe 2020 Report (Sweden)

EPUG-UKI 2020 Report (United Kingdom)

Expania 2019 Report (Spain)

ITALE 2020 Report (Italy)

MELI 2020 Report (Israel)

Norwegian 2020 Report (Norway)