IGeLU is a non-profit organisation, with its official headquarters based at the University of Siena, Italy. It is a volunteer organisation, and we rely on active participants from member institutions, willing to give their time to keep IGeLU running.

Assembly of Members
IGeLU is a member-led organisation, and all member institutions can participate in the Assembly of Members, which meets once per year during the annual conference. It votes to elect new Steering Committee members, as well as voting on the annual budget, and any other constitutional matters.

Steering Committee
The Group is led by a Steering Committee, elected by and from its members. This consists of five ordinary members, the treasurer, and the chairperson. The Steering Committee has overall responsibility for budget planning; coordinating conference planning with host institutions; and for liaison with Ex Libris on all general matters.

Working Groups
Product-specific interests are the responsibility of a number of Product Working Groups. These oversee the enhancement process and development cooperation for specific products within the Ex Libris suite. A small number of Special Interest Working Groups represent the interests of specific types of libraries or particular cross-product issues. All the Working Groups report to the Steering Committee.

From time to time the Steering Committee also sets up Focus Groups, in collaboration with Ex Libris, to look at specific areas of concern or interest.

In addition to the above, IGeLU has a Conference Program Planning Committee, which works with the host institutions of the annual conference; a Web Team, responsible for the IGeLU website; and a Secretariat based at the University of Siena, who administer membership registration and invoicing.