A&I Discovery Focus Group

Ex Libris, ELUNA, and IGeLU are pleased to announce a joint focus group committed to improving discovery for our users by increasing availability of A&I content in discovery indices.  In recognition of the challenges related to discovery in certain subject domains, this initiative includes information gathering, outreach, and definition of best practices and alternative solutions.    Members of the group will meet virtually on a monthly basis through August 2018.  Please see the full charge of this group for more details.

This group will be led by Christine Stohn of Ex Libris (Christine.Stohn@exlibrisgroup.comand Amira Aaron of Northeastern University (a.aaron@northeastern.edu).  The international membership will include 10 – 15 members representing all library stakeholder groups.   Communications will be facilitated via Basecamp.  If you would like to volunteer for participation as a group member, or to note your interest in providing feedback on this initiative  as part of information gathering processes, please submit your name and contact details