Analytics WG Updates

Margaret Brand Wolfe is leaving the Analytics Working Group as co-chair after ELUNA 2020 in Los Angeles.

The new co-chairs after ELUNA 2020 will be: 

  • Joan Kolarik (from Weizmann Institute representing IGeLU)
  • Davin Pate (from UT Dallas representing ELUNA).

Margaret met with Yoel on October 22, 2019, to discuss how Ex Libris will collaborate with the Analytics Working Group moving forward. Notes from that meeting:

  • Ex Libris is not interested in continuing to meet monthly with the analytics evidence documents sub-group. Yoel is interested in broad changes to Analytics and not in the field by field changes recommended in the evidence documents
  • Ex Libris will meet quarterly with the Analytics WG to discuss the analytics bug back-log, the analytics enhancements back-log and the analytics road map. The first quarterly meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 6
  • Ex Libris has agreed to place at least one Analytics WG member onto any Analytics based focus groups/basecamps moving forward. Current focus groups/Basecamps are: COUNTER 5, OBIEE v. 12. The Analytics WG has members on both of these groups
  • We discussed the need for a separate enhancement process for Analytics. We both agreed this topic is too big for Yoel and Margaret to decide on. This needs to be addressed with Ex Libris by the ELUNA and IGeLU Steering Committees