Analytics Working Group Updates

A sub-group from the Analytics Working Group is meeting monthly with Yoel Kortick and other Ex Libris staff to discuss:
1) the issues documented in the evidence documents for Alma, Primo and Leganto and
2) other pressing issues in Analytics. After an issue addressed in the evidence documents is discussed with Ex Libris an article is added to the Community Knowledge Center (CKC) documenting the issue and Ex Libris’ response to the issue.

An evidence document for Summon was released to the Summon List in March. A group will meet with Brent Cook at ELUNA to discuss next steps for the evidence raised in the Summon document. The Analytics WG and the Interoperability Working Group will host a joint information meeting at ELUNA on Wednesday, May 1 from 1:30-2:15pm in room 204/205.