Archive of presentations

The archive of presentations and posters from the 1st IGeLU Conference in Stockholm, 4th – 6th September 2006.

Many thanks to all those who made their presentations available to the community.


General & Cross-product

Integrating library services in the university environment II – panel discussion: Kingsley Boulton (York University) ; Owen Stephens (Royal Holloway) ; Robert Gerrity (Boston College)

Libraries, Catalogs, and the Strange New Digital Landscape – Karen Calhoun, Cornell University

Library and the Need for Cooperation in a Changing Environment – Hans Geleijnse, Tilburg University

MetaIndex – Clearly a Success – Ari Rouvari and Ere Maijala, National Library of Finland

Presentation on Shibboleth – John Williams, University of Newcastle

Redesigning our Combine Harvester – Ane W. van der Leij, University of Groningen

Sakaibrary: Bridging Course Management and Digital Libraries – Jon Dunn, Indiana University Bloomington

Shibboleth Middleware Authentication in Finland – Ere Maijala, Ari Rouvari, National Library of Finland


Sanity Checks in ALEPH – Nagy Elemér Károly, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

MetaLib / SFX

Integrating DSpace, MetaLib and SFX – Jason Cooper, Loughborough University

MetaLib Functionality in a University Portal – Bernd Diekmann, Carl von Ossietzky Universität

MetaLib / SFX Product Working Group, establishment and constitution – Lukas Koster, University of Amsterdam

Securing MetaLib & SFX – Jason Cooper, Loughborough University


General overview: new constitution & membership – Guido Badalamenti, IGeLU Chair, University of Siena

Homepage, Mailinglist – Peter Klien, Austrian Library Network

IGeLU Product Working Groups – Jirka Kende, Free University Berlin

Newsletters – Beate Rusch, KOBV, Berlin

Relationship with National User Groups – Pat Busby, Calico, Capetown, Beate Rusch, KOBV Berlin

Report of the IGeLU Chair(Slides) – Guido Badalamenti,  IGeLU Chair, University of Siena

Special Interest Working Groups – Pat Busby, Calico, Capetown