Ex Libris special workshop on Collaborative Collection Analysis

This will be a satellite event which will be held at the Galmorgan Building at the Cardiff University, King Edward VII Avenue. Cardiff. This venue is a short 5 minute walk from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

Date/Time: Monday Sep.12th : 13:00-17:00

Cost: Free




In past year we at Ex Libris have started to explore in depth the needs of libraries in the area of Shared Print.

We think IGeLU can be a great opportunity for a special face to face to face workshop on this important topic.

This workshop is intended to focus on all aspects of the collaborative collection analysis: main challenges, use cases , focus areas and more.
Its format will be an accelerated version of a Design Sprint.

  • So what does it mean for you?
  • A workshop of 4-5 groups each group with 4-5 people that might already have ongoing collaboration processes
  • Using sticky notes to describe in detail (the best fun way to do it face to face)
  • What does collection analysis mean to you?
  • What are the main challenges?
  • What are the focus areas?
  • How to compare resources?
  • And more…
  • Share the outcome of the workshop during the IGeLU conference (Tuesday 16th 16:00 ) and with the wider Alma community.

Who should sign up for this workshop?

  • Collection Management Librarian
  • (Associate) Librarian for Collection Services or Collection Services Librarian
  • Collections Development, Electronic Resources, and Systems Librarian (this is one whole title! So much work!)
  • Tech Services Manager
  • Systems Librarian
  • Preservation Librarian
  • Digital Collections Librarian

Since roles definition may vary from library to library, don’t hesitate to register if you feel collection development and cooperation with other libraries is part of your day-to-day job