Call For New Members: Content Working Group

The joint IGeLU and ELUNA Content Working Group (CWG) is seeking new members from IGeLU and ELUNA institutions with a particular welcome to members from countries where English is not the primary language as well as those from IGeLU National and Regional User Groups. Our goal is to achieve broader and more equitable global representation from our members.

The CWG engages in activities, on behalf of the Alma, SFX, 360, and Central Discovery Index user communities, that support the development and management of the knowledge bases and indexes that support the aforementioned products.

Through collaboration with Ex Libris content product management, the CWG acts to ensure that data in the knowledge bases and indexes are, insofar as is possible, of the highest quality by reviewing the quality assurance policies and processes; by making suggestions for improvements that ensure optimal representation of provider content in the KBs; proactively addressing issues related to providers; and coordinating the content enhancement process.

Over the next year, there should be a Content Collaboration Agreement developed between Ex Libris and IGeLU/ELUNA. This will provide an opportunity to reconsider how new content requests are gathered from the user community and prioritized.

More details about the CWG’s work can be found in our charter here.

Member qualifications:

  • Should have at least one year experience of actively working with one Ex Libris KB or CDI
  • Work at an institution that is a member of ELUNA or IGeLU
  • Only one individual per institution will be selected.
  • Experience with multiple KBs or discovery tools is a plus.
  • Meets via Zoom at 11am eastern USA/parts of South America, 4pm UTC, 8:30pm New Delhi, 11pm Beijing, midnight Tokyo (Depending on new members’ time zones, we can adjust our meeting time so it’s more convenient and facilitates optimal engagement by members across the world. Don’t hesitate to apply even if our current meeting time does not suit you, we will adapt.)

Expected commitment:

  • 2 year term with possibility of extension
  • Monthly time commitment: at least 2 hours (1 hour for internal meeting and 1 hour for meeting with Ex Libris)
  • Active engagement during meetings to provide user community with your library’s and region’s unique perspective on issues discussed
  • Actively monitor Ex Libris product listservs for content related posts and respond if appropriate
  • Responsive to CWG internal email discussions
  • May be asked to participate in Ex Libris early beta testing of relevant new functionalities
  • Members also typically have specific roles that require additional time depending on the role, such as:
    • Being a member of the Content enhancement process, typically with an intensive period of work and meetings prior to community voting round/s
    • Acting as a Liaison to another user community group, including attending their monthly meeting calls, and reporting back
    • Participating in additional dedicated groups and task forces as they arise, including attending meetings, working on reports, and giving feedback
    • Assisting other members with their roles as needed

If you’re interested in joining, please complete this form by Dec 15, 2022:

Thank you!

Charlie Remy and Karin Perols, co-chairs