Primo/MetaLib PWG update

Both Primo and MetaLib Product Working Groups have an annual tradition of meeting face to face once every year between conferences, often at the conference venue and usually during February or March. This gives an opportunity for far-flung PWG members to get to know each other and to make quality time for dealing with Group […]

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Weltklasse Zurich: SFX, MetaLib, Primo, NERS, and SC meetings

In March the Product Working Groups of SFX and MetaLib/Primo, along with members of the NERS team will be meeting in Zurich to discuss a number of open issues such as enhancement processes, NERS workflows, and the merger of the MetaLib and Primo PWGs. Some members of the Steering Committee will attend the meetings, and […]

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MetaLib/Primo PWG update

Preparations are in hand for the next round of voting, with the compilation of a set of outstanding Primo software enhancement requests in NERS. Submit your favourite requests to NERS for voting now! Two voting snapshots have been taken of MetaLib CKB enhancement requests since Haifa, and 8 global with 4 local resources have been submitted […]

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MetaLib Next Generation Advisory Group is wound up

The initial aim of the MetaLib Next Generation Advisory Group was to discuss the overall architecture of the MetaLib next generation, with a primary focus on the metasearch/federated search backend to improve MetaLib’s performance, also in the frame of Primo MetaSearch.   However in the meantime Ex Libris provided the MetaLib “current generation” with a […]

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The minds have joined

There has been much discussion within IGeLU during 2010/11 on the future of the MetaLib Product Working Group, and in particular the need to consider its relationship with the Primo PWG. The discussion has been driven by the maturity of the MetaLib product; the difficulty of finding new recruits to serve on the PWG; and […]

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Primo and MetaLib PWGs: a meeting of minds?

The Primo and Metalib PWGs are proposing that the relationship between them be discussed as an important item at a joint meeting of our two PWGs in Haifa (Session 13.1) this September. There are significant drivers that press for a consideration of the relationship between the two Groups: ●     the Primo Central Index (PCI) and […]

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MetaLib CKB resources voting

Two MetaLib CKB voting snapshots have now been carried out in NERS.  At the end of each snapshot the top rated 4 global resources and 2 regional resources are presented to Ex Libris. MetaLib CKB voting snapshots are scheduled to be done at approximately two-monthly intervals, but the most recent snapshot was postponed pending handover […]

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Primo Service for MetaLib customers

As most customers should now be aware, Primo Central is available to Primo customers right now, and will become available to non-Primo MetaLib customers by way of a registration wizard in MetaLib 4.4 – just released. However during the meeting in Ghent Ex Libris announced that that a new Primo Service will be available for […]

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