CDI Activation Analysis Tool now available

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Our community is now more empowered to understand how our actions in activating collections fuels our user experience of CDI content in Primo.

The new CDI Activation Analysis Tool is now available to all, as of 20th October 2021.

Several members of our community were involved in early access testing, including the IGeLU Primo WG, and Ex Libris incorporated many of our feedback suggestions into the final version.

This tool aligns with NERS submission #7364 “Easily check which activation in Alma is causing a specific record to appear in CDI”, which came No.1 in the 2021 Primo Enhancements process. This was removed from the need to require Primo development points, as advised as already on the Roadmap due to the strength of community desire.

Thank you to Ex Libris for releasing this great tool to help our community manage our CDI discovery environment!

Find the tool here: