Content WG Updates

The Content Working Group continuously work on minor and major issues regarding content. Some of the major topics within the content in the Indexes and Knowledgebases worked on by the Content Working Group in 2019 were:

Following up the NERS vote for new content held in H2 2019

Central Discovery Index – a new discovery index which will be used for both Primo and Summon

–              Content Working Group members have participated in testing of the new index and given feedback to ExLibris on different issues surrounding the implementation of the new index. More information on the index and the implementation process can be found in the Content Corner in ExLibris’ Knowledge Center:

Provider Zone – a new area of the Alma Community Zone which should make the process of publishers adding their content more automated and give the data owners more control over quality and display.

–              The Content Working Group has been involved and consulted in discussions surrounding the launch of this new feature. More information on what this is can be found here:

Survey: Dealing with Content Issues

–              The Content Working Group created a survey to get some data on customers’ views on how their content issues are worked on by ExLibris through SalesForce

–              The results of this survey is currently being worked on in order to be shared with the Community.

Raised various issues affecting the Indexes and KBs – slow ingestion of new collections, issues with the AutoLoader for different vendors, predatory open access content, and more.