Customer Knowledge Centre

Ex Libris Customer Knowledge Center Update

Early November Ex Libris gave the IGeLU and ELUNA SC an update on the Ex Libris Customer Knowledge Center

The Ex Libris Customer Knowledge Center (CKC), accessible without any limit has all kinds of content types:

  • Product Documentation
  • Training
  • Knowledge Articles
  • Release Notes
  • Product Materials
  • Implementation Guides

Since September 12th all products are covered, including Summon, Intota, 360 Services and Ulrich’s.

One remarkable item is the CKC born Summon Training Kit which helps Summon customers to setup their product.

Customer usage and satisfaction

The number of sessions are rising steadily and most sessions now start from a Google search result list.

The ratio between new and returning visitors is 1:3

The division of the top 10 countries where sessions originate from show that about 55% of the session come from North America which corresponds to the customer base share.

The fact that countries like Norway, Germany, Austria and Italy are well represented may also be caused by recent Alma implementations.

Salesforce cases are often closed by referring to a CKC knowledge article and although the statistics show some fluctuation there is a trend showing closed Salesforce cases having a CKC knowledge article link are more satisfactory for customers.

Customers improve the Ex Libris Customer Knowledge Center

Currently the CKC information rated ‘helpful’ by customers is fluctuating between 30-55% of the number of ratings.

It is hard to assess this percentage, whether it’s low, high or reasonable but it is obvious that a higher percentage is in the interest of customers.

There are two ways customers can use to improve the CKC relevance and content and we highly recommend our members to use them:

  • Rate the article relevance by giving feedback using the ‘Was this article helpful?’ option
  • Give specific textual feedback by using the ‘Feedback textbox’ to improve the content

IGeLU strongly advises all customers to use both opportunities to help improve the content of the CKC.

By doing so customers set forth the fine tradition of community sharing of knowledge which also flourishes in our product discussion lists.

What’s next?

Ex Libris has these plans and ideas for the near future;

  • Improve the content discoverability by optimizing for search engines
  • Increase the participation at the former ProQuest Workflow Solutions support teams (Summon, Intota, 360 Services and Ulrich’s)
  • Adding content: Documentation, Product materials and more
  • Pro-active effort for content quality improvements

Also we talked about ideas of harvesting the IGeLU/ELUNA product discussion lists archives and asking customers to contribute as content publishes.

These last two ideas are topics where your opinion counts. IGeLU and ELUNA will discuss them internally within our Working Groups.


Theo Engelman

IGeLU Chair